Pre-Summer Trainings Part II: Sinead Jack-Kısal

22 June 2022

We talked with Sniead Jack-Kısal for the second episode of the "Pre-Summer Trainings" series.


First of all, welcome to our Club! We are really happy to see you here. How do you feel about being transferred to Eczacıbaşı?

Honestly, I’m so excited to be here and playing for Eczacıbaşı. Playing for Eczacıbaşı is one of my life goals because they are a top team and I believe I can learn a lot here. It’s not only about winning every time. It’s about actually staying together in the tough times and trying to work as a team and overcome our obstacles this is what I love about Eczacıbaşı. I’m so happy to be here.


Could you tell us about yourself for those who don’t know you?

Well, my name is Sinead Jack-Kısal. I’m 28 years old. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a small twin island that’s located in the Caribbean. My favorite color is pink :) I love singing. I love taking walks on the beach with my husband. So this is basically me. I love spending my time with my family. It’s something that is so important to me. I have not seen my family in almost 3 years because of COVID. Directly after my husband and I got married, we went Japan to play for our clubs.


Where did you meet your husband?

I played in Galatasaray for 2 years in 2016. He was also playing for Galatasaray. I honestly think it was love at first sight. I fell in love with his character.


How did you feel when you first came to the Club? Could you please evaluate your first week?

I was a bit nervous because I did not touch the ball in almost 2 months. My season in Italy finished a while ago because we did not make it to the play-offs. As soon as I stepped foot in Eczacıbaşı, everyone looked so happy and full of joy and they welcomed me like I have been playing here for many years and then when I started practicing, the coaches took their time to help me get back into my groove, it wasn’t easy but I’m thankful for their patience. :)


Is there anyone in the team that you have had a chance to play with before? Are you excited to be playing with your teammates?

I have not played with anyone but I played against them all the time. I am so excited to start the season, hopefully we can make something really beautiful for Eczacıbaşı.


Everybody thinks that you speak Turkish because of your husband. How well do you know Turkish?

I have learned so many Turkish words from my husband. He speaks English so well that we always communicate English. But I am also learning Turkish. It is taking some time. I know just basic words like “merhaba”, “teşekkürler”, “ne kadar”. I’m so excited about this process. My favorite Turkish phrase is “Off yaa” :) Everybody is always using it so it was one of the first things I picked up.


You played in 5 different countries. What kind of experiences did you get by playing in different countries and different leagues?

I gained something from each club, like, for example, I played in Russia with Karpol, this is where I learnt not to be afraid to use my power, always be aggressive and confident in myself. When I was playing in Japan, I learnt how to be a leader because each team is only allowed one foreign player, so you have to be that leader for your team. I think It’s something that I needed to do on my professional journey because I have such a timid character, I’m also shy all the time, so I think this helped. I’m hoping to learn something here as well from Eczacıbaşı.


Are you being different when you are on the court?

In person you usually see me fooling around and having fun but when I’m on the court I’m more focused on what I have to do against our opponents.


You will play in one of the strongest leagues in the world again. What do you think playing in the Turkish League will be like after playing in the Italian League?

The Turkish League is one of the strongest Leagues in the world. You never know who is going to win and who is going to come out on top. For example, in Italian League, from the beginning you will know that Imoco is going to win. You also have Novara and Scandicci. Here is like a gamble. That’s why I love it so much. I think this league brings excitement. You are always on your toes like you do not know who is going to win. But this year Eczacıbaşı is going to win.


You have worked in Poland with Ferhat Akbaş before? How do you feel about working with a young and dynamic coach like him again?

Actually, I played in Ilbank last year, unfortunately we did not make it to play-offs but luckily Ferhat was the head coach of Chemik Police and they needed a middle blocker, I was a bit nervous, because I was still getting over COVID also I did not want to get in the way of what the team already accomplished, I was honest with him about what I felt and then he turned to me and said, “Just be Jackie” I don’t need anything extra. He is so young and accomplished so much already, I like that he is always learning because volleyball is  changing year by year and some of the old coaches are still stuck in what use to be volleyball. But Ferhat, he is the type of coach that loves to educate himself about the sport, loves to teach the sport, and this is one of the reasons why I also signed here. I still want to learn. Even though I know I have experience, I still feel like there is more to learn about volleyball. I’m super excited to learn from him and take something from him each time I’m here.


Finally, would you like to share with us your summer plans?

I have not been home for almost three years because of COVID. And my husband and I are going to Trinidad and Tobago. We would be there for two weeks and then we would visit the US to see some more family. My cousin recently had a baby, so I am so excited to see her.



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